Answers to the common questions we get every day as well as Pre and Post Session care instructions.

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Preparing for Your Appointment + Post-Session Care

A question that I often receive from my clients is “how can I best prepare for a session?”  I’ve compiled a brief list of recommendations below to help you achieve the most benefits from our time together.  It’s important to note that your subconscious, or higher self, will act as your guide during your session, provided that your conscious brain doesn’t interrupt with judgment or stress.  These recommendations are tools to help you prepare to relax and enter a state of receiving.


Whether you’re experienced in meditation or new to the practice, it’s important to take some time in the days prior to your session to quiet your thoughts.  Turn off the TV, laptop and cellphone and go inside your mind.  There are two wonderful guided  Meditations  on our site. Click HERE or use the Meditations or Login menu above to sign up to gain access the meditations. One is a guided mediation to a past life regression and the second is a meditation to open your chakras and connect the heart and the mind to enable manifesting your desires. Practicing seeing with your minds eye and checking in with your higher self prior to the session will allow you to more easily connect during your appointment.


Be sure to properly hydrate on the days leading up to your appointment.  Drink plenty of water and abstain from caffeine or alcohol prior to your session.  This will allow your body to be rested, relaxed, and present for our work together.


Feel free to eat a light snack prior to your session, but please avoid eating a large meal right before your appointment in order to allow your body to relax into the task at hand.


Wear comfy clothes.  This time is for you.  Wear loose-fitting clothes that allow you to breathe deeply and feel at peace.

After your appointment, you may feel energized and rejuvenated, or you may feel tired and a little slowed down.  The sensation is different for each person.  It’s important to continue to drink plenty of water after your session.  Listen to your body.

Your subconscious mind may stay open for several days after your appointment.  Keeping a journal, meditating, and paying special attention to dreams and messages from your guides will help you gain further insight into the lessons and experiences you had during your session.

Please feel free to contact me, should you have any questions before or after your appointment.  I look forward to our time together!

Past Life Regression

What is a past life regression?

A Past Life Regression (PLR) is a type of hypnosis that regresses you back to previous lifetime.  They generally last about two hours.  Most people get a PLR because they are curious or they feel they are having issues that they feel or suspect is not from this life time.  Examples may be issues of letting go of a relationship,  issues feeling stuck.

What should I expect?

You should expect a very relaxing hypnosis session, lasting about two hours.  You will be in a trance and in a heightened state awareness.  While in the trance you will guided and asked questions to help you progress through the past life.

Will I remember everything?

Yes, you will be fully aware and in control as you experience the past life regression.  You want to remember the past life events.  You will be directed to leave anything that doesn’t serve you behind and to bring back all positive memories with you.  Additionally, we record the PLR sessions for you and will email you a copy!

What if I see something scary or negative?

If your subconscious takes you to something negative, know that you are in complete control.  At anytime, you can rise above the situation and change your perspective from first person to third person.  The third person view is similar to you watching a negative or challenging event like a movie and from a distance.


There are many myths and urban legends that surround hypnosis. Many people also have a suspicion or skeptical view of hypnosis.  Here is some information about our hypnosis methods in order to help you understand hypnosis more accurately:

  • A person can not be forced against their will to be hypnotized
  • A person can not be made to do something while hypnotized that they would not normally do
  • A person has the ability to come out of hypnosis if they choose
  • Almost everyone can be hypnotized to some degree
  • A person can not be made to do something later, based on a suggestion made while in a hypnotic state, that they would not normally do
  • Hypnosis has many similarities to a deep meditative state or trance

Will I give up all my power to the hypnotist?

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis.  The client is always in control.  The hypnotist is there to help guide and structure the experience. The client is always able to refuse to follow the suggestion of a hypnotist if he or she chooses to.

Only a small percentage of people can be hypnotized?

People range on a scale of hypnotizability.  Anyone who can focus and follow suggestions can be hypnotized.

Is hypnosis a form of sleep?

Hypnosis is a state of concentrated attention. Although there is a decrease in physical activity, the client is aware and responsive and can remember what went on during and after the experience.  The EEG’s of people in a hypnotic trance do not resemble those of people who are asleep.

Quantum Light Energy Healing

How should I prepare for my session?

Dress in comfortable clothes. Don’t use scents or perfumes. Be prepare to relax and receive.

What do I do during the session?

Simply close your eyes, relax and let go.  Become the observer and just witness or notice anything you experience.  The healing that is most appropriate for you is one you will receive.

What should I expect to feel during a session?

You might simply feel a deep sense of relaxation and peacefulness. It’s possible that you’ll “go under” almost immediately. Some people appear to be sleeping with all the traits of taking a nap and yet, they are still aware of what is going on in the room. Falling asleep doesn’t stop the healing, but your experience of it will be different than if you’re alert.

The following are all potential experiences:
  • A feeling of extreme bliss and peacefulness
  • Energy moving throughout the body
  • Heat throughout the body
  • Potential disappearance of illness and ailments (either after 1-3 sessions)
  • A sense of “oneness” with the universe
  • A feeling of the presence of angels or other supportive beings in the room during healing sessions
  • Release and partial or complete recovery from subconscious emotional trauma
  • A feeling of complete and total relaxation
  • Visual images of beautiful colors throughout the session
  • Some feel or sense nothing at the moment (later they experience shifts/changes)
  • Feeling very light throughout the entire body


Do you have gift Cards?

Yes! We have eGift cards. Gift cards make an excellent Gift!  Purchase HERE *opens new window to

Are Sessions recorded?

Only Past Life Regressions Sessions are recorded.  We will email you a download link of your session so you can review it and recall anything you may have forgotten. *NOTE download link will expire in 48 hours, download you copy before it expires.

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