Visit a Past Life to Heal the Present

My goal with regression work is to help people.  Experiencing Past Life and Between Life Soul Regressions often times brings clarity, awareness, insight, and healing to those who have been searching.  This work has helped many of my clients.

Past Life Regression Healing
Past Life Regression

What’s regression?

Past Life Soul Regression – The goal with this session is to visit a past life that is affecting your life today.   Often times we carry feelings, fears, concerns, and even physical ailments from a prior life into our current life.  Getting to the root of these issues often provides the awareness we need in order to better understand and then release those aspects of our current life that are no longer needed.


The root of illness, like everything else, are primarily spiritual. There are many reasons why we might become ill. Illness can stem from a lack of courage to do what we are meant to do in this incarnation, or from over-attachment to our egos which may be opposed to our soul-contract. The perspective of our personality is often quite different from that of our souls, and it is by no means clear that our souls will prevail in what is often an exhausting struggle. If we are not doing what we are supposed to be doing in our lives, then illness can be an outcome. If energies are flowing into us and then becoming blocked and not flowing on through us and out into the proper channels then disease can result.
Regression Therapy can be effective in helping us to see the spiritual roots of our illness and overcome the issues involved which can lead to a return to full health and activity. When we see clearly what it is we have incarnated to do and how we may be avoiding doing it, then we will hopefully find the will and the courage to turn our life around and do what we are meant to be doing. When we do this, then these imbalances in our energy-body disappear and we hopefully return to normal health.

Grief work

One of the most difficult challenges that a person can experience is the loss of a loved one, especially a child.

According to the deepest spiritual teachings of all traditions, there is only here. There is nowhere else to go. Life is never lost and relations are never broken. The release of a person’s body does not imply that they have gone away. Where could they go?

We can help bereaved people to feel and experience for themselves their eternal connection with their loved ones. This is not spiritualism and is far from the traditional séance. We do not deal with spiritual entities in this way or work at this level.

Rather, when we experientially recognize ourselves as eternal souls, then we can feel and know the unbroken and eternal relationship with those we love and who love us, who are still here and together with us as they always were.
Past-lives are a reality. We project our soul-nature over the dimensions of space and time to produce a series of lives, some of which are in the past, others of which are in the future. Often, during past-life regressions, people are able to remember details such as names, places and details about life in these days that are totally unknown to the client in their present incarnation but which can be verified by historical research.

Exploring past-lives has two profound therapeutic aspects. First, it dissolves the fear of death as we see for ourselves that we have lived many times before and that after we are finished with our present incarnation, our soul continues in consciousness and we will in due course undertake another incarnation. Secondly, it can heal many issues with which we struggle in this incarnation and which we do not understand and cannot explain. Examples of issues which can be healed to one degree or another are physical symptoms, phobias, relationship issues, work related concerns, etc.

A challenging but revolutionary idea that many of us work with is that past lives can be changed. Based on the teachings of Kabbalah and other traditions, we see our past and future lives as a projection of our present level of spirituality onto the dimension of time. We can grow in wholeness and spirituality through actively changing poor decisions we made in past lives and, with great intention to heal, altering their story lines and in doing so releasing much suffering and negativity that otherwise pervades a series of incarnations.

Life Contracts

We come into incarnation with a life-contract. We may have agreed in advance, for example, that at a certain point we will meet our life-partner, become ill, have an accident or begin a successful business venture. Our life-contract can embrace any aspect of our incarnation.
That is not, of course, to say that we do not have free will. Our free will exists at all times, and in any situation we have a choice as to how we will react to it.
In our sessions, we can examine our life contract and how we have fulfilled or opposed its different elements. By bringing this into full consciousness we give ourselves the opportunity to examine it afresh, to assess how we are doing in this incarnation, and even to alter it or rededicate ourselves to working with its different elements.

Regression therapy

The great spiritual traditions of the world, such as esoteric Christianity, Buddhism, Kabbalah and Shamanism, have always known and taught that we are spiritual beings exploring what it is like to live in this world characterized by the relative absence of love and spiritual light for the purpose of growing in consciousness and expanding our powers of faith, love and will.

Knowledge of our true nature comes about both through personal experience of the soul state and through study of the works of those enlightened souls who lived in this reality. Together, this makes a complete blend of theory and practice which forms a clear path for us to walk on our own spiritual journey, opens the gate to our personal healing and empowers us to do whatever we can for our fellow human beings and for our planet.

The true healing of a person involves more than just working through their psychological issues. The real healing of the self is the forgetting of the self, the dedicating of one’s life to spirit, in whatever form is appropriate for you. The separation of psychology from spirituality occurred in secular Europe in the 19th and early 20th centuries. This has lead to an unfortunate tradition which regards us as personalities and fails to take into account our soul nature. Our calling and craft is to help you return to what you truly are, recognizing your intrinsic wisdom and soul nature.