Quantum Energy Healing

Quantum Light Energy Healer
Quantum Light Energy Healer

Quantum Energy Healing Principals

Since the advent of quantum physics we  understand there are energy fields around our bodies.
“The field” that’s what the physicist call it. Einstein said “The field” is the sole governing agency of particles that are shaping our physical bodies. We now know we are all actually a part of a giant quantum energy field.

The body is not only biology but also light fields that can be shifted by many different healing modalities of light work or healing touch.

Studies have been done on what is the energy that “energy healers” are sending to the person and they found it is a surge of electric and magnetic energy.  And a huge surge of bio-photon energy emissions which is a dominant energy in most bodies and it’s coming from the healers hands.

Also physicist know and have tested that there is a quantum affect which allows the healer to transmit that energy out long distance and it doesn’t matter if you’re standing in front of them or miles away the energy still is the same energy and it is not affected by any kind of distance.
In the laboratory experiment, cells that needed healing were used to see what effect the healer would have on them. When the healers place their hands on the cells there was a dramatic recovery whether they healer was in the lab or at a distance.
It shows that distance does not affect the strength and effectiveness of the healing and it’s not just their minds or the placebo effect.  The cells are actually being affected and were healed and recovered to a healthy state.