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I had a life changing session with your past life guided meditation at Illuminate Nashville Expo! It was only 30 minutes however I have seemed to release much of the neck pain, I’ve had a sensitive neck all my life, with scoliosis.  I’ve had many guesses at the reasons but it appears the emotional sorrow around whatever that life was and ending it too soon may have been an anchor. 

It was beautiful to meet you and I look forward to future sessions. To be honest, I wasn’t really expecting to get my hopes up that I could have results. I appreciate your grace and skill!

Jeanne S.

Leslie Martin first is a wonderful loving, kind and amazing woman. Now add to that a person who God has given many wonderful gifts for her to share with others to heal.

She is a Healer. Her reconnective energy healing has helped to remove back pain and shoulder pain for me when other treatments have not worked. Just being in her presence brings about a calmness and a relaxing atmosphere.

Her past life regression work helps to bring us to places we have experienced in our past lifes that are causing us problems or anxiety in this life time.

You are in good hands with Leslie. I have sent clients of mine to see her and they have had great experiences and say they will see her again.

I highly recommend anyone who is willing to have an open mind and an open-heart schedule an appointment today with Leslie. I promise you will not regret it.

Judy Greek – Medium and Spiritual Advisor

People range on a scale of hypnotizability. Anyone who can focus and follow suggestions can be hypnotized.What I love about Leslie is that she is very comfortable being intuitive while also being practical. She lives in the “real world” and transforms it with her awareness of our magical world. Not only has Leslie completed my Quantum Light Healing curriculum, but she also received exceptional past life regression training from one of the most notable authorities in the field.

My past life regression experience with Leslie was very natural and easy. There was no pressure to create something that wasn’t authentic. There was no judgement. She took the time to explain the process and what I might expect. I did, in fact, regress and get to see one of my past lives and it has shed a great deal of light on much of what is happening in my life now. These experiences can be deeply enlightening and transforming. I highly recommend Leslie to anyone considering a past life regression and/or any other of the healing gifts and services Leslie offers.

Jeff Crawford – Energy Healer

Leslie is an incredible healer and guide. I have had a few sessions with her for energy healing and have always had amazing experiences. I have been interested in past lives for many years and I finally did a past-life regression recently, as well! During the hypnotherapy session, she helped me tap into many aspects of myself, my life, and issues that I deal with in this current lifetime as a result of past trauma to let go and achieve peace.

Leslie, in my opinion, is the perfect person to go to for energy work and past life regression—her space is lovely and comfortable, and she discusses issues as a good friend. She is very easy to talk to and it’s easy to relax with her. During and after each session, I’ve experienced such a calm feeling, perspective of the bigger picture, and clarity on how to move forward and let go of what isn’t serving me. Leslie’s energy is incredibly grounding and healing—she truly has a gift. I can’t recommend Leslie enough! She is wonderful!

Elizabeth Aylsworth

Leslie is amazing. I have done two past life regressions with her at this point and am looking forward to a third. She has given me a greater understanding of my current life dynamics. I would highly recommend working with her.

Colleen M – Columbia TN

Leslie is awesome! She is very energetic, intuitive and has a true gift to help heal those in need. After doing a past life session with her, I had better understanding of the dynamics of my current life . This was an amazing experience that I would recommend to anyone. Leslie deserves 10 stars.

Marcie B. – Trussville, AL

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